Morn-ting… .have a glass of some Home Made Almond Milk! I had to finish this before heading off to bed. This is my 2nd time, making my own almond milk. I know @lovebeingt is wondering what took me so long!😃 Here are the details for anyone who wants to try it. Also you don’t have to own a vitamix to make this… . Although I wish I had a vitamix😊 someone, give me a hook up! Details: wash 1 cup almonds and let them soak overnight. Drain water and place almonds in blender with 3 cups water, and 1/2 vanilla essence. Mix & strain with cheese cloth & strainer. Go to town on the straining & pow.… .now you have your very own Almond Milk!!! Heads up: it will not be sweet. Use whatever sweetener you use… . Please try to use something other than white sugar! Try honey, maybe? Yes? No?😀 Stevia seems to be a much better & healthier choice. Add a little, and taste. You don’t want to make it too sweet now, honey! And…. there you go, hope you enjoy! #homeMade #homeMadeAlmondMilk #AlmondMilk #healthyshare